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  • Our students felt it was an eye opener and gave them the confidence to understand how to support their friendships.

    Assistant Head
  • The training was excellent, It was a relief to some students to know that is was ok to state when they needed support.

  • Your Voice helped me to learn how to speak up in the right way. I used to get really angry and do things that meant I could have got hurt. My advocate helped me to get others to understand my point of view, now I can get help.

    Dan, 13
  • Your Voice listened to me when I was having problems at school. They helped me to work out a plan of what I wanted to say and who I needed to speak with to make the situation better. At first they came with me to speak to my teacher, so I didn’t get so nervous. Having someone with me really helped. Now I feel more able to sort things out on my own.

    Katie, 15
  • There should always be places like this for ordinary people. Cant thank you enough for your help.

     (March 2013)
  • Our ASIST courses are attended by a wide range of front line workers.

    I recently attended the ASIST course and would to express my Thanks to you all. The course was extremely well run and the trainers were excellent.

    It was clear that the trainers had an in-depth knowledge of ASIST and were able to answer any questions and allay any fears over using the model. I was encouraged to see that on the course I attended there was three school nurses and a GP. I feel that ASIST is perfect for anyone on the 'frontline' who comes across vulnerable people as part of their work. I cannot praise ASIST enough and hope that the NHS come to understand what a valuable tool the SIM (Suicide Intervention Model) is for their staff. The ideal scenario would be that staff across all sectors undertake the training, ensuring a streamlined service

    ASIST Course member
  • It has made me definitely more aware of signs and symptoms of mental illness and how to deal with them. I will use this in daily life and work

    MHFA Course member
  • I now feel ready and confident to help someone that is thinking about suicide. I believe this course would be very beneficial for people that work with people who are distressed due to life problems, such as doctors, therapists, the police force, ambulance staff and counsellors. To summarise – the ASIST course was brilliant – one of the best courses I've been on.

    ASIST Course member
  • I thought the ASIST course was extremely professionally put together and delivered. The trainers were sensitive to us as trainees and handled this emotive topic brilliantly. I now feel much more confident and able to deal with suicide interventions. Very worthwhile course!

    ASIST Course member
  • I've started reading bedtime stories to my kids again. I'd got so busy I felt I had no time for it any longer. Its rapidly becoming my favorite time of day now. Snuggled up with the kids and sharing adventures.

  • I joined my local running club two months ago. I thought it wouuld be full of skinny fit people, but far from it. Many of the members are not what you'd call athletes but they are running at their own limits and pushing themselves. I'm beginning to really understand it now.

  • I found the course both interesting and inspiring. I've recommended the course to colleagues in CABs over in the North East . I have informed all the staff here that I completed the course and have advised them to let me know if they have a client who appears suicidal or expresses a wish to die.

    ASIST Course member
  • I felt that the delivery and content were very good and couldn't be improved upon.

    MHFA Course member
  • I've always felt understood at the Drop-in. No-one puts pressure on you to be well or to put on a brave face. I volunteer their now and am enjoying giving something back.

  • I really felt I could trust Fiona, my counsellor. She helped me through a really rough patch in my life.

  • A professional service. It was clear what I could expect and staff in the building were friendly and helpful.

  • Thanks for listening the other day. I'd lost all my perspective. I was so worried about my husband that I'd stopped being of any help to him.

  • I've now got holiday insurance from the company you recommended. Still can't believe I was being refused insurance because of my mental heath diagnosis. I'll send you a postcard!!

  • Thanks Sean. I feel positive about what's going to happen now. I couldn't have done it without you.

  • Volunteering at Carlisle Eden Mind gave me a purpose in life and provided me with the opportunity to meet new people and engage with people that I wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with. It's that that's given me the confidence to start applying for work again.

  • I'm so pleased with how things are going. I'm volunteering at the local animal sanctuary and making new friends. I didn't think I could have done this three months ago.

  • I can't believe how far I have come. I'm exercising now, and spending more time with friends at the same time. I've sorted things out with childcare support i'm so much more relaxed with the kids, not rushing around all the time. The teachers are complementing me on how much more calm they seem at school too. I wasn't expecting this when you started helping me. Thanks Jenny.

  • Thanks for signposting me to the Law Centre. They are now on top of my benefits issues and it's a massive weight off my shoulders.

  • I want to get my team trained up as this is very useful for police officers

    MHFA Course member
  • Thanks Alex. I'm back at University now on a foundation course. Volunteering at Mind really helped me get there.

  • It was knowing that caring, listening and wanting to help was the most important thing for helping someone, rather than thinking I always had to have the right answers. The course has opened my eyes to my potential to support others.

    MHFA Course member
  • In the first two sessions of the building confidence course I felt guilty talking about myself, and just how much a struggle it was at times to care for Alistair. The third session I cried. I wasn't sure I'd stop. I suddenly realised I'd forgotten who I was. I'd become so used to putting my needs second that I no longer felt I had any. I don't even know when this happened. I can't thank Carlisle Eden Mind enough for giving me the opportunity to get some of "Me" back.

  • The 2 day course completely changed my thoughts and the way I speak with young people I come into contact with. I see beyond what we " think" we see.

    Youth MHFA Course member
  • I get a lot of hassle in the town. Mind is one of the few places I feel safe.

  • I've used the Drop-in on and off for years. Knowing its always available gives me a sense of security when times get hard.

  • I've had mental health problems for years and I've had to tell my story so many times. But I think for the first time someone has really listened.

  • Spending time in the garden had an amazing effect on my mood, it was like an escape and a huge benefit to me

  • Really enjoyed the peaceful tranquil hour off the ward, just being in this small haven is therapy in itself

  • I was really low last month. A couple of Timebank members helped me keep my flat tidy and walked Jessie, my dog, a few times when I couldn't face going out. I can't thank them enough for there help.

  • Silvia found a person she can rely on with our advocacy service

    I find it hard to trust people but I know I can trust my advocate completely.

  • To see something grow that you have planted with your own hands is a truly magnificent sense of achievement.

  • Lovely to come out and see the garden with my grandmother. Grandma watered her own sweet peas and we had a look around. I especially enjoyed the strawberries. My grandmother is in her element where gardening is concerned and it was lovely to see how much pleasure it brings to her.

  • Thanks, excellent to get my hands back in the muck again! Can’t wait to watch and cook up the produce.

  • I was a severe agoraphobic living in a very rural location, spending 24 hours in my home. I only ever went out at Christmas for dinner with friends. When I met my befriender June my self esteem and confidence was very low. But finding someone who understood, was like winning the lottery.

  • Craig finds our Time Bank service great for his wellbeing

    I’ve just come back from helping an elderly woman in the town with some simple DIY tasks. She was so grateful. Perhaps the most useful thing I’ve done in years.

  • Rueben is supported throughout his volunteering by understanding staff and fellow volunteers

    Volunteering, I’ve now got a reason to get up in the morning. It’s still not easy to come in some days, but I know that on my bad days there will be people there who understand what I’m going through.

  • Our advocacy service helped Jasmin get what she wanted - to be more involved

    Before advocacy I just couldn’t express myself at the MDTs. I just sat there. My advocate came to see me an hour before the meetings so that she knew what I wanted. I wanted to be more involved. Things were being done to me rather than with me. If I had to face it on my own I would have been lost and unsupported.

    Before advocacy I just couldn’t express myself at the MDTs. I just sat there. My advocate came to see me an hour before the meetings so that she knew what I wanted. I wanted to be more involved. Things were being done to me rather than with me. If I had to face it on my own I would have been lost and unsupported.

  • Edd finds that volunteering with us is good for his own wellbeing

    I really enjoy volunteering with Mind, and learning new skills. All the staff are very understanding about my mental health problems and Alex has been very supportive. Everyone is very friendly and Mind is a happy environment.

  • Lucy volunteers for our Moving On Support project, and has found it to be good for her own wellbeing

    I volunteer with Moving On Support, and I really enjoy befriending. It’s nice to know that I can give something back and help people feel better.

  • Our advocacy service gave Marcel strength and support

    I found being admitted to the Carleton Clinic very difficult, almost impossible to handle. I couldn't have coped without my advocate. She helped with discharge. I might still be in Carleton Clinic if it hadn't been for my advocate.

  • Lisa learned that it's the little things which make all the difference

    I tried volunteering at a local care home but found I didn't always have much time. Instead, I now simply try to 'give' all day, every day. I help people when before I might not have done - lending a stranger 20p for the bus, picking things up when people drop them, holding the door open for someone, letting someone else have the last loaf in the shop! Now it just comes naturally, and I feel better for it.

  • Declan passed his maths exam aged 37

    I never enjoyed school, especially maths. I failed my maths O-Level and have avoided maths ever since. I don't need it for my work, but I always felt unaccomplished. Going back and finishing it off has improved my confidence no end. I studied in the evenings using sites online, attended the exam and finally passed! And I got a grade A.

  • George started being more observant and developed a positive outlook

    I used to do things on auto-pilot. Walking to work, doing the shopping, sitting on the bus. It was like living in the dark. Now I have opened my senses to the many sights and sounds around me. I feel the breeze on my skin, and I feel much better for it.

  • Janet joined a netball team and actually enjoyed losing weight

    I didn't know there was a netball team so close to where I live. I played at school but as an adult I grew to hate exercise. Not any more! I met so many new friends, I have lost weight, and now I look forward to our games!

  • George found new friends and connected with old ones via social networking.

    I joined Facebook last week. I’ve already made contact with some old school friends. Can't believe I haven’t done this ages ago.

  • John is a Caretaker at Carlisle Eden Mind. Having friends and family around him really helps him to connect.

    I really enjoy a good chat and make time to speak to everyone I see in our building in Penrith. When I’m not working I love spending time with my wife and children...

    If I’ve got any time left I split it between the allotment where I have a good crack with the gardeners, or the snooker hall with my old friends. John’s tips for keeping connected: Hug someone you love, Always make sure you have got time for your family, Take up a sport or other pastime... Smile.

  • Sarah needed time away from the office to relieve her stress levels and found that connecting with her friend helped a lot.

    At least twice a week I arrange to meet a friend in town for soup over my lunch break. It's been so good to catch up with people, and arranging it advance means I can't just work over my lunch hour like I used to.

  • Lynne discovered that connecting with people around her made a big difference in her life.

    I baked a cake and took it round to my elderly neighbour today. Best gossip I have had in ages.


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