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Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Independent Advocacy

We believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. Our advocates are here to listen to you, to be on your side, to give you support and information, and to help you fight your corner and ensure your voice is heard.

Your Voice, Carlisle Eden Mind's advocacy scheme, provides Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) for individuals detained under the Mental Health Act who needs help to express themselves to mental health services. We aim to ensure individuals have an active voice in decisions being made about them, their support and treatment and that their opinions, views and needs are respected and heard.

An advocate will work with the individual in a partnership to raise concerns regarding medication, care and treatment whilst giving support and information. 

We can help you get what you are entitled to from services, attend meetings with you and help you to gain more confidence allowing you to express your opinion. Advocacy helps you exercise more control over the choices and decisions that may have a big impact on your life, leaving you more confident for the next time.

An IMHA will work with the individual in a partnership to provide support and information. 

To contact us call our referral line on 0300 012 0103 or


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Your stories...

  • I find it hard to trust people but I know I can trust my advocate completely.

  • Before advocacy I just couldn’t express myself at the MDTs. I just sat there. My advocate came to see me an hour before the meetings so that she knew what I wanted. I wanted to be more involved. Things were being done to me rather than with me. If I had to face it on my own I would have been lost and unsupported.

  • I found being admitted to the Carleton Clinic very difficult, almost impossible to handle. I couldn't have coped without my advocate. She helped with discharge. I might still be in Carleton Clinic if it hadn't been for my advocate.

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Meet the team »

Mark Booth

Mark Booth IMHA Advocate (South Cumbria)

Telephone: 0300 012 0103
Nicola Cunningham

Nicola Cunningham IMHA Advocate (Carlisle)

Telephone: 0300 012 0103
Michael Boaden

Michael Boaden IMHA Advocate (Carlisle & West) & Connect Project Coordinator

Telephone: 0300 012 0103

Useful information

  • On your side...

    Advocacy can help you to express your opinions. We can help you access services, attend meetings with you and exercise more control over the choices and decisions being made about your care.

  • How to access Your Voice Advocacy

    Available in
    Throughout Cumbria

    Who can use the service
    Open to anyone who is sectioned under the Mental Health Act, is under a Community Treatment Order, or Guardianship, in Cumbria.

    Your Voice referral line 0300 012 0103. Please leave a message including your name and telephone number. It is our policy to contact you within 5 days, however most are called back within 48 hours. You can also e-mail us on


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