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Day 31 of R.E.D January

Posted Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 3.09pm

The finishing line is in sight!

On the last day of R.E.D January 2018, we wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on how far you've come.

Your achy body may be masking the strength you've built up over the last 31 days, but it's there.

To get out in the cold, rain, snow, or to find an alternative indoors, takes real mental strength.

You may not feel it yet, but you're making a difference to your lives. You're picking up healthy habits that will hopefully continue to support you well beyond January.

Not only are you making a difference to your lives, but others too.

We're just a step, swim, stretch away from the end and with one day to go, we've already raised over £6,000!

As we reach the end of R.E.D January together, we want you to know that this isn't the end of the R.E.D journey. To help you continue the healthy habits you've picked up during January, the R.E.D community will be there as a supportive space for you to share thoughts and motivate each other.

We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you at our Active Wellbeing event at the Old Fire Station, 6-8pm tonight to collect medals, meet other REDers and find out how you can continue your fitness journey into 2018 in our community.

Here are just a few examples of what your hard work could support:

  • £25 will help us train one community member in recognising when someone is feeling suicidal, how they can support that person and what other help is available
  • £50 Helps us to provide 2 hours of support to someone at risk of suicide at The Lighthouse, including creating a “Safe Plan”
  • £250 will help us give Advocacy support to one young person to find a resolution to the situation causing them distress or get the professional help that they need.
  • £600 will help us deliver mental health awareness training to a class of young people, giving them practical skills to support their peers experiencing mental health issues.
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