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Managing Mental Health at Work training for Emergency Services Staff

Posted Thursday, 02 July 2015, 5.11pm

We know that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem in any given year. But Mind's independent research shows that the estimated quarter of a million people who work and volunteer in the emergency services are even more at risk of experiencing a mental health problem than the general population, but are less likely to get support.

Mind has been awarded LIBOR funding to develop the Blue Light Programme, to provide mental health support for emergency services staff and volunteers from police, fire, ambulance and search and rescue services across England. The programme is being developed in consultation with individuals from across the emergency services.

Carlisle Eden Mind has been chosen as a local delivery partner for the programme and will be rolling out Managing Mental Health at Work training for emergency services staff from Autumn. This training is designed to equip managers in Blue Light services to more effectively recognise and support mental health issues within their staff teams. More details to follow soon.

Show your support for the Mind Blue Light Programme by spreading the word on social media using the hashtag #mybluelight. Don’t forget to include a link to this page ( to help your friends find out more.

Make sure you sign up to receive regular email updates about the Blue Light Programme and the support on offer. It's the best way to find out what's happening, when and how you can get involved.

If you are interested in Managing Mental Health at Work courses in CUmbria please contact Chris Graham on 01228 548016 or e-mail

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