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Suicide rates significantly rising across the UK

Posted Wednesday, 08 May 2013, 2.08pm

Recently released statistics show that the number of deaths by suicide have ‘significantly’ increased within the UK for the first time in a decade.

This is coupled with the knowledge that Cumbria has statistically higher deaths by suicide than the national average. Lets put this in perspective - Just going by recorded suicide verdicts in Cumbria there are nearly twice as many deaths by suicide than there are deaths on our roads. With many suicides being recorded as narratuive verdicts at Coroners inquests, particularly in South and East Cumbria, the true figure may be far higher.

Deaths by suicide are preventable deaths.

Rises in suicide rates are often associated to economic downturns, with increasing unemployment and debt, squeezes to services supporting those already more vulnerable to suicide, and in our current climate a significant overhaul of the welfare benefits system which is likely to be a contributing factor in a number of recent suicides (explored in a thought proking Guardian article). A recent article in the Weekend Guardian also highlighted the specific issue of student debt and suicide.

We feel it is more vital than ever that there are people in our communities who are trained in suicide intervention skills. We think it is time as a society, as a county and as a community to ‘talk about suicide’.

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