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County Council drastically cuts Cumbria advocacy services funding

Posted Tuesday, 31 January 2012, 2.06pm

Cumbria Mind groups and People First came out in force to lobby Cumbria County Council over substantial cuts they are making to Advocacy services in Cumbria.

Over the last 20 years Mind and People First have worked very hard to give vulnerable people in Cumbrian a voice, and today we descended on County Hall in Kendal to lobby councillors with colourful banners and some very loud voices to say just how disappointed and shocked we were by the decision to make the proposed cuts.

Advocacy service funding in Cumbria will now be pooled into one contract, with a loss of over 40% of funding, and the particular specialism’s that groups like Mind and People First have developed in the county. Council cuts will have a direct knock on across other funding coming into the county for advocacy with the end result that we are likely to see well over a 50% cut to current provision.

At a time when Cumbria County Council is undertaking a nationally unprecedented re-tendering of all of its social care services, a move many observers feel carries high risk, we feel services like advocacy become absolutely critical in protecting some of the most vulnerable people in our care systems.

While we appreciate the huge financial pressures Cumbria County Council is under to make cost savings, ripping money out of such crucial services at this point is cynical and is attacking support for those who are least likely to speak out.

More information is attached below. Also see People First News.



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