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A Beacon of Light

By Chris Wood, 11 August 2017 – 0 comment
The Lighthouse

Caption: The Lighthouse

Matchstick Lighthouse

Caption: Matchstick Lighthouse

 A Beacon of Light

 Having had a long period of bad mental health I am well acquainted with charities and the fantastic work that they do in supporting and empowering victims of this modern day curse.

 When Caroline first mentioned the Lighthouse project to me, my initial instinct was to volunteer to help in whatever way I could. I listened to what they wanted to achieve and visited the homely, welcoming offices, and I desperately wanted to be a part of it. Unfortunately its opening coincided with one of my ‘dark periods’ and I was physically unable to commit.

 What I did instead was to put my mind to thinking how else I could help. My thoughts were that this great project required a model, a beacon of light to match its purpose. And so my labour of love began. Caroline duly sent me a copy of the logo that was to be on their paperwork and off I went to work.

 I’ve only been doing matchstick models for just over a year but it turns out that I seem to have a knack for them. For more years than I care to remember I’ve struggled to find a hobby that would distract me from my ‘difficulties’. I’ve tried many different things from painting to clay modelling but nothing kept my interest; and then came matchsticks!

 In all this model took me around forty to fifty hours to complete. Admittedly a fair chunk of the time was thinking about the logistics of the model but it was still time spent away from my ‘other issues’.

 I’m happy with the results and hope that the Lighthouse Project can be similarly successful in bringing hope, light and distraction to those lucky enough to file through its doorway.


- Rick




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