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By day 31, mentally – I was on fire!

By Chris Wood, 02 March 2017 – 0 comment

Cathy had no idea what an effect R.E.D January would have on her life when her friend signed her up...

Joining R.E.D January was the idea of my running buddy Keira. I’d never heard of it and when she suggested we should run everyday, I hadn’t realised it was a sponsored event – I just agreed to do it as a fun way of losing some Christmas wobbly bits. Although, I have to confess that it took until the third of January to publicly admit I was doing it, not because of the running but rather that with family, work and a commitment to support a friend running an ultra in the middle of the month I genuinely didn’t know if I would be able to get out and find the time to run for 31 consecutive days.

This did, of course, prove to be the hardest part BUT what I did discover was that it was a whole lot easier logistically than marathon training as I only ever run a maximum of an hour and a half on the days when I fancied a long run and on the days which proved difficult I simply shuffled along in the dark for 25 minutes.

Physically, I got progressively more tired as the month wore on with a stack of old injuries vying for attention by day 31, however, mentally – I was on fire! I achieved a tremendous amount throughout the month just because I had to be more organised and I never once spent a day staring wistfully out of the window thinking “I should really go for a run.” I just went.

The bonus runs were with my running buddy Keira where an unspoken rule meant that we both brought homebaking for an after snack which, combined with our “natter pace”, meant for a thoroughly uplifting hour of laughter and mental wellbeing. Our runs usually started with a resigned sigh, tying our laces, starting Strava and then complaining for the first few kilometres about how shattered we were before hooting with laughter as we missed another path junction due to talking too much or grimacing across an unplanned river crossing while failing to take a selfie due to stiff middle aged fingers.

I thoroughly enjoyed running every day in January (I still can’t believe that I can say that!) and while it wasn’t easy, like everything that is very hard work it was immensely rewarding. If you are thinking of signing up and giving it a go; stop thinking and just do it. You never know what you can achieve until you try……

- Cathy Casey, R.E.D. January 2017

To read Cathy's entertaining account of the month in full, click here.

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