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Why Volunteer?

By Chris Wood, 21 February 2017 – 0 comment

 Event Volunteer, Rick, has lots of reasons he loves to volunteer...

  • It gives you the satisfaction of doing something that helps others.
  • You can do work that was previously unavailable because the only qualification required is to have had life experiences.
  • It fills in time that would otherwise have been spent watching Jeremy Kyle and Escape to the Country.
  • Your self-esteem will rocket as you accomplish new dreams.
  • You can pass on your handy coping strategies to others in need of a friendly face.
  • It helps you to accept state benefits and restores inner pride because you’re contributing.
  • It can open so many previously closed doors.
  • You can aid the professionals in their search for understanding of your symptoms.
  • You can lighten the dark places of your own condition by helping others in similar distress.
  • You can help poorly funded charities raise much needed funds for further services.
  • You can make someone’s day a bit warmer by sharing the time for a coffee.
  • Your day will be spent with other volunteers who have similar goals.
  • You can proudly tell people that you’re a volunteer when they ask what your job is.
  • You don’t have to explain to the boss why you can’t get to work on a bad day.
  • You can try new and varied careers.
  • Every hour spent volunteering, no matter what it is, helps keep charities running.
  • Your labours are ALWAYS greatly appreciated by management.
  • You’ll uncover hidden talents and long since buried creative abilities.

So, in answer to the question – WHY NOT VOLUNTEER!

- Rick Mc

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