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A Yearly Review

By Chris Wood, 27 January 2017 – 0 comment
Rick Mc

Caption: Rick Mc

Here’s a little thought that may be of some use to those of you struggling with New Year resolutions.

According to some sources, the term April Fool comes from the fact that New Year used to be celebrated on April 1st. The ancient folk of Pagan times would make their resolutions for the coming year and generally they would be broken within days; hence they became April Fools for making promises they couldn’t keep.

Sound familiar?

What I tend to do, instead of making fanciful and unrealistic resolutions, is to do a review of the previous year and see what needs changing.

I’ve lived in Cumbria for over 2 years and at times it’s been a struggle. Although not a wasted year as I like to view it, the first year here was extremely hard and challenging. During that time I contacted services and spent most of the year battling to get the treatment I deserve. It is only now that those labours are coming to fruition.

I have long since learned that tiny footsteps are more easily maintained than giant strides, as quite often permanent change comes from fine tweaking rather than mass clear-outs.

Don’t be an April Fool this January - start making achievable adjustments instead of fanciful dreams.

- Rick Mc

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