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The life of trees - Rick Mc

By Chris Wood, 16 December 2016 – 0 comment
Two trees, fused

Caption: Picture B

What do you see?

Caption: Picture B




On first glance it’s just a clump of tree stumps by some water. It’s not until you take a closer look that you begin to see the story behind the picture.

From my basic knowledge of biology I know that this was originally two trees that fused together to form one larger tree. I also know that to determine its age I would have to count the rings and then add on a little bit for the tiny circles of life that a new shoot has lived, yet can’t be seen. I can see that there are new saplings forming on the base of the felled trees.
This left half is actually at least three smaller trees that fused together. If you look closely you can see tiny pockets of small shoots that didn’t quite make the cut (pardon the pun). The lines where the bark fused and stopped have left vivid scars; they make you wonder what happened that gloriously hot summer when these tiny trees collided to form a bigger, better life. There is a lot of new growth and given that I’ve now discovered a tiny bit of its parent’s life, I start wondering what might happen to these little braves.
Will they fuse to become one giant tree? Will they be felled sometime in the distant future? If they are, will they become a grand piece of furniture that may even age enough to become a priceless antique? Will it be sold to a family, chopped into dozens of smaller piece and destined for the fiery furnace that warms their children on cold winter nights? As I sit and ponder the amazing story that a little bit of thought and basic knowledge can produce, I start to think of the next picture…………..


On first glance it’s a picture of a man in his dressing gown with a Santa hat on. It’s not until you take a closer look that you begin to see the story behind the picture.

This is a picture of a man that suffers from bad mental health. Having been wrongly labelled with schizophrenic tendencies for over 10 years he was recently diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder coupled with audial and visual hallucinations. He suffers badly from the trinity of stress, anxiety and depression. His biggest problem though is that most people are too scared of his diagnosis to meet the man within.
Christmas can be a lonely time for people with bad Mental Health; don’t let them suffer needlessly through ignorance of their illness. Strip back the nasty words and help them to understand their pain. Learn to ignore the scary labels and all that they represent and never forget that we are also scared of those big bad words.
Statistically every single home in the UK has at least one member that suffers from bad Mental Health. Don’t let them suffer in silence, isolation and loneliness this Christmas. Look beyond the diagnosis and reveal the person beneath. Why not unwrap more than your presents this year.

Remember, Mental Health is for life not just for Christmas.


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