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Meet the Blogger - Rick Mc

By Chris Wood, 16 December 2016 – 0 comment
Rick Mc

I was raised in a loving family home in the North East. When I was 22 I went backpacking for a few months; an odyssey which was to last for over 20 years. In 1997 I was attacked in New Zealand which triggered severe audial and visual hallucinations and the trinity of depression, stress and anxiety. The upheaval in my mental imbalance eventually led me into a downward spiral of prolonged drug misuse. After intense therapy and medication, to help me understand my condition I volunteered in numerous MH placements, including a transitional befriending service at a local Unit. In 2012 in recognition of my work there I received the volunteer of the year award for NHS Sussex. I currently live in rural Cumbria where I am continuing my recovery by writing up my experiences and volunteering for CE Mind and the NHS. In February I take up a position at Carlisle University as an expert by experience.

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