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Juliet is working hard, despite her rotten cold!

By Chris Wood, 09 January 2017 – 0 comment
Juliet's Christmas Training

Just a quick one from me on training so far...

I am currently sat wrapped up in a blanket with a hot lemon and honey but I am marveling about all the 'RED January's' out there - doing amazing things. It really is exciting and inspiring!

Slightly frustrated as my cold has returned for the third time in a month so when I just get going again I get a bit of a knock back. But had some cracking runs out over the festive season .. probably highlight was leaving the chaos of having 12 people staying in our house to run up Harter, High Street and Kidsty Pike (well there was a lot of walking up the hills) but it was just beautiful - cold and crisp but sunny. We live in a wonderful part of the world!

Still not bought any road shoes yet but will start getting a few longer runs in soon ... just as soon as I can shift this cold. Im looking forward to it .. and as said am just really impressed with all those committing to RED .. knowing its good for our own physical and mental health but also raising money for such vital awareness raising work.

- Juliet Gray

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