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High was the only place to be!

By Chris Wood, 16 January 2017 – 0 comment

I'm not sure which road marathon training programme I'm following...

...well I'm clearly not following a standard one - as this Friday saw me up Helvellyn in winter conditions! it was beautiful - a bit full on and more than a little bit chilly but definitely made me feel alive.

My proviso for our 'day off run' was "well I should start trying to get some miles in and I don't really want to go up high as it might be a bit lairy" so I worked out a 15 mile relatively low level run; but thanks, as ever, to Chris who decided that this needed to be challenged as, on a day such as Friday, "high was the only place to be".

His constant ability to challenge and push does help - not everyone gets entered onto ultramarathons for their birthday presents!! And when we run together he waits for me and manages to bite his tongue when I start walking up the steep bits!

I find it hard to challenge myself at times and push myself out of my comfort zone and am (mostly) grateful when I'm helped to do that. I know my sense of achievement is something else when I have gone outside that comfort zone.

For me with the London Marathon - I know I can do the distance - I've done it before (although never on road) - but it is still outside my comfort zone as I'm having to do it with 1000's of others and I'm having to ask people to sponsor me - any other challenges have always been purely personal and I'v never done it to fund raise. But this is for something that I do feel so passionately about and actually it is great that alongside the fundraising there is a heightening awareness - more conversations are being had about why suicide prevention is so important.

I continue to be inspired by all the RED January lot who are continuing to dig deep and for some step out their comfort zones.

So here's to 2017 - lets continue to challenge ourselves - even in little ways.

- Juliet Gray

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